my roommate just rearranged her furniture after midnight and our neighbors are all hating on yik yak goddamn


Tiny starfishes I captured in the aquariums of Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam

i have a nick fury bobblehead in my dorm and a guy noticed it and was like “heyyy nick fury!” and my immediate response was to loudly call him a nerd i’m so mean


ya girl frankcastles is getting rid of some excess marvel merch by way of an awesome giveaway this month. i need to clear up some space, and i want to hand these things over to someone who will love them! i’m affectionately referring to this giveaway as the be a kid again giveaway. i’ve got the hook up, with all the fun super-hero and avengers themed stuff to make you feel like a kid again. action figures, toys, tattoos, coloring books. you name it. this contest ends on october 20th

here’s the low down on the goods
- seven super hero coloring/activity books (some of these come with colored pencils, one comes with paint, one comes with a mask you can poke out.)
- one thor temporary tattoo set
- one avengers temporary tattoo set
- one iron man 2 temporary tattoo set
- three (different) mini avengers puzzles
- two (different) avengers loki action figures
- one avengers hawkeye action figure
- one iron man mask clip
- four (different) wall decals (two spider-man, one captain america, one thor)
- five mystery items! (hint: two go along with the coloring books, and one of the items you can wear!)

here’s what u have to do to enter the giveaway
- reblog the post! and please leave all the text attached
- please have an open askbox, or open it on/around oct 20th so i can contact you
- please be willing to give me an address that i’ll be able to ship the goods to
- there’s no location restrictions, this contest is open to everyone!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT FOLLOW ME UNLESS YOU WANT TO. please don’t feel obligated to follow me in any way.all posts regarding giveaways and winners will be under the FRANKCASTLES GIVES SOME SHIT tag, so maybe track that instead if you want to stay up to date! 

the winner of this giveaway will be announced on OCT 20TH

i’m enjoying college so far. i like the classes i’ve been to pretty well. i like my dorm room. there are some minor problems with my roommate that can be solved by straight up avoiding each other. i miss mona like the dickens (but that would be happening if i weren’t here too). i made my own smoothie today!!! i have not worked out since i’ve gotten here.