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i wanna get an eyebrow piercing this week but i am having some hardcore face demons under several layers of skin around my eyebrow regions and that shit needs to stop

in unrelated news, i got water up my nose and i hate ikea couches with a burning passion


there’s some paperwork issue with the moving we were supposed to be doing today but we’re entirely packed up i don’t have a bed 

i was going to go to sleep but now i’m angry >:<


Steve Wood


Steve Wood

sorry not sorry for:

liking netflix more than i like you
always being covered in cat hair
making everything an avengers reference

things i would like to apologize for to everyone i have ever interacted with;

  • being a creepy fuck from 7-10th grade in particular
  • not knowing how to take a compliment
  • or give a compliment
  • making uncomfortable jokes when people are upset because idk how to deal with things except with humor
  • being a generally apathetic individual who lacks a great deal of empathy and probably a soul
  • not making eye contact, ever
  • being straight up incapable of drinking (alcohol. but also i spill water on myself a lot so that too)
  • being very very mean to people i like
  • trying to win people’s affection with gifts cause i’m not good at being affectionate myself